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Welcome, My name is Master Jeffrey Asuncion, Head of Blue Dragon Karate Academy.  I have been involved in the Martial Arts for over 35 years.  And have been contributing to the communities of Old Bridge and Matawan for the past 25 years.

I know you're thinking how can Martial Arts teach your child life lessons and everything that I have mentioned in th What is a Black Belt? Let me assure you that it can in more ways than one.

I am on an unstoppable mission to help children  in our community achieve academic success, gain confidence, increase self-esteem, avoid peer pressure, be fit, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Now, I have a secret to share with you.  I have already done it and I am continuing to do it for children everyday like yours.  And we can do it for Your Child.

Imagine how you'll feel when your child is unstoppable at achieving all the positive things life has to offer and is unstoppable at avoiding all negative things that life has to offer.  With our Exclusive Black Belt Club Elite Program & Black Belt Leadership Program, Not only will Your Child receive all the benefits and More. But they will love it and I guarantee it.

- Master Jeffrey Asuncion

About our Academy

The 5 Reasons Our Martial Arts Classes Are
So Life-Changing, For Both Kids & Adults.

Welcome to the family!

Our Blue Dragon Karate Academy school might just seem like a place to get fit and learn self-defense... but to us it’s so much more. When you train with us you’ll experience a place where you fit in, no matter what your background or fitness experience is. 

You’ll get into phenomenal shape, learn exciting self-defense skills, and experience personal growth that has improved the lives of each of our students.  The physical transformation you’ll enjoy is fantastic, but the mindset and attitude you’ll develop is what’s truly amazing.

We’ll help you get next level fit, but below are a few of the more subtle changes our students experience in our classes as well.

Boosted Confidence

   Challenge yourself, change your life! As you dig in and put your efforts into learning all of the crazy cool striking drills, self-defense techniques, and showing up for cardio training you’ll realize you CAN smash your fitness goals.  

Wow, what a big boost in confidence this brings! We see it on all of the new students' faces within just a couple weeks. Believe it or not, a lot of it comes from the positive class atmosphere and socialization. 

  You’ll swell with pride as your classmates and instructors cheer you on. High fives will fly high as you  progress through training and continue to give your all in class. Both kids and adults feel this and it spills over into their everyday life. Kids step up to the plate, becoming leaders in their classrooms. And adults claim they take on challenges at work with more confidence too! 

Improved Focus

  Martial arts is challenging and requires your full attention. As you  concentrate hard on listening to the instructor, then performing what they taught you, you start to build crucial links in your brain which boost your ability to focus.   

What’s great is that this intense concentration naturally pours into all other areas of your life. 

Adults report being able to not only concentrate better at work, but they’re able to clear their mind at the end of the day better as well.  Kids benefit too as they pay more attention at school and at home.  

Fitness Will Suit You

No matter what your starting level is, each one of our students improves from the state they were in when they walked in for their first class. From complete and total beginner to elite athletes, we strive to make sure each class is loaded with challenging and fun exercises that work your entire body.  

You’ll be  so focused on performing techniques unique to some of the worlds top performing martial artists, and having so much fun, that before you know it, the class is over, and you not only learned powerful martial arts... 

... but you got a great workout, too. Being physically fit boosts energy, mental clarity, and confidence as well.

Community & Family Ties

Martial artists are some of the most down-to-earth people you’ll ever meet. Highly skilled and dedicated to the lifestyle, we're definitely a tight-knit group here.

Students, their families,  and our instructors are all about support and friendship.  You’ll make tons of new friends for life, cheer each other on during tough times, and celebrate during victories. 

Friendship, motivation, and dedication - that’s the foundation of the martial arts way of life. It's truly great to experience.

You'll Have FUN!

You’ll have an absolute blast in class! Sure, sometimes things will be tough and training can get intense. But we like to break up the intense focus and concentration with lots of laughs, encouragement, and light-hearted humor. 

Laughing and smiles are part of every class!

Ready to give us a shot? We’ll make it super easy for you. 

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Looking forward to meeting you in person!

Jeffrey Asuncion

Blue Dragon Karate Academy


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